The OnlyFans Apocalypse Survival Guide for Creators

Action #1: Diversify your Revenue Streams

In other words: You must find a way to find other ways of income. Are you only selling pics & vids now? Time to diversify. Here are some examples of what other creators are doing:

  • Are some of your content more art-like and less sexually explicit? Start a Patreon and have your most loyal fans subscribe there as well.
  • Make different kinds of content, for example, spoken audio or ASMR that you can sell on your Patreon as well (make sure it’s not too explicit).
  • Double down on selling custom videos.
  • Sell worn clothes, shoes, nylons, etc. (obvious, but worth a mention).
  • If you don’t have an Amazon Wishlist already, make sure to create one now.

Action #2: Find a Replacement for OnlyFans

At the time of writing (mid-August 2021) it’s still unclear which platform will become the new number one after OnlyFans is gone. As I already explained in my previous article, the choice of your main platform is crucial for the future of your business. In short, you want to be present where the majority of your target audience will be. It’s much easier to make someone subscribe to your account if they’re already signed up to the platform.

  • Browse the Reddit profiles of creators who produce similar content as you do. Where are most of them going?
  • Create accounts in the five most common platforms you’ve seen and verify there. There’s a good chance you won’t need those accounts, but at least you have your account name registered.
  • Start uploading a selection of your best content to all platforms and create pricing or subscriptions similar to what you did on OnlyFans.
  • If you already have a favorite, add more content there.
  • Keep updating your OnlyFans account like usual, at least for the next few weeks. This will give you the chance to wait and see on what platform you gain the most subscribers.
  • Tip: Run a poll on your OnlyFans and ask your subscribers what platform they like best!

Action #3: Build a Website for your Links

How are people supposed to find your content on all those platforms? Create a small website, for example on There you can add links to your Amazon wishlist, your social media profiles, and of course to all the video platforms you sell your content on.

Action #4: Move your Subscribers

In a few weeks when the dust has settled, it’s time to pick the main platform. Upload all the content from your OnlyFans account there and then start moving your paying subscribers.

  • Add a code that your subscribers can use to get a video for free as a reward on the new platform.
  • Lower the price on the new platform for one or two weeks.
  • Cross your fingers and hope they’ll follow you!

Action #5: Promote your new Account properly

Let’s face it: You can expect to lose between 40%-80% of your subscribers when you move to the new platform. So it’s important to bounce back from that loss!



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