Three Predictions for the post-OnlyFans World

Prediction #1: Fewer People will Buy Content

The demand for OnlyFans-like content will go down, or at least not grow as fast as it has in the last years. This is a trend we have observed already in the last months. The reason is the same that brought overnight success to many OnlyFans creators: The Covid19 pandemic. While OnlyFans has been big before the pandemic, a world in lockdown has caused the demand for sexual content to skyrocket. People not being allowed to date, being separated from their long-distance partners, working from home… You get the picture. Now that restrictions are being lifted and people stop working as much from home, the demand goes down again. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if OnlyFans’ decision to pivot away from adult content is at least partially motivated by this trend.

Prediction #2: Users will Choose the new OnlyFans Replacement

Right now, there is chaos. Hundreds of thousands of creators are searching for a new home for their content and alternative platforms are competing to attract them. Fansly, PocketStars, or one of the many others will become the big player.

Prediction #3: The Days of Quick Success are Over

In early- to mid-2020 OnlyFans exploded with new users. Not only was it new, but also the demand for amateur/girl-next-door content was huge. This demand will never go away, but I think it peaked in early 2021. These days, it’s much harder to become a successful NSFW creator. A sinking demand, the lack of one big platform, and high competition have raised the bar a lot. But see it this way: Just because it’s harder doesn’t mean it’s impossible. And a raised bar also means that low-quality creators will be filtered out. That’s a big chance for you!



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